The Story of Ferguson through the Eyes of the People Who Lived it

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By the time we wrapped our last shooting day, we had collected over 300 hours of footage. Lungs shouted for justice and moments later filled with teargas. A father baked cookies during a moment of peace. A police chief and a mayor cited lack of data. Our creative team quickly realized we had several possible…

wedding songs for your video trailer

Unique Song of Your Love Story

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Unique Song of Your Love Story We can create a unique custom made song for your special day to accompany your wedding trailer. This song can be written by our professional musician, recorded by our professional singer in a sound studio records. Also, we are offering to our customers an opportunity to sing “as a...

“The Challenge Is Balancing Tone”: Director Mark Pellington

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The communication challenge in executing The Last Word was thematic. With issues of aging or mortality, the challenge is balancing tone. That is achieved by communicating to everyone (cast, crew and, in turn, the audience) the specific tone. We tried keeping the story human and offbeat, making it emotionally inclusive, and earning the emotional payoff…

Profound Communication Only Happens When There Is Persistence

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I often ask myself, how does each of us weave our own responsibilities into the pattern of history? How can I tell stories about human rights and the quest for justice yet engage people who are uninterested or apathetic? And the answer has always brought me back to this idea of the persistence of vision….

“Communication Is Where a Film Lives and Dies”: Director Zoe Lister-Jones

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Communication is where a film lives and dies. It is essential for efficacy, for performance, and ultimately for translating a director’s vision to the screen. To me communication is less about the art of talking than it is about the art of listening. I hired an all-female crew on Band Aid, which was deliberate on…

professional wedding video editing service

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At Melbourne films we  professionally edit your footage, add music, voice overs and text overlays. We specialize in weddings, birthdays and special occasion video compilation and editing. Your wedding video captures the most unforgettable moments that you’ll want to treasure forever. Choosing a high quality editing service like Melbourne films is guaranteed to bring your video...
Accredited Professional Video Producer

An Accredited Professional Video Producer

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An Accredited Professional Video Producer is a video producer, who doesn't just claim to be a "professional" but earns that title by successfully completing the rigorous AIPP accreditation process. Accreditation is designed to give you, the consumer, confidence that your Professional Video Producer is a proven, experienced, technically capable, professional practitioner who complies with all...

“We Don’t Use Words to Tell a Story”: Directors Lily Baldwin

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We don’t use words to tell a story. We use bodies, gestures, dance, color, music and sound as tools. Inherently with this, there is room for interpretation about what the work IS ABOUT. This is the beauty and of course the challenge around non-traditional narratives. Meaning its fluid. VR is perfect for this. In Through…

“Communicating with Respect and Openness”: Director José María Cabral

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Communication was the key for writing, shooting and making the movie, particularly this one. Woodpeckers explores communication and language in a very specific level. First of all the writing process was about making contact and understanding the prisoners, getting to create relationships, not only for the script but also because I wanted them as actors…

I Want the Viewer to Feel Totally Immersed in My World

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For me God’s Own Country is an investigation into authenticity of emotion and landscape. Having grown up on the same hillside where the film is set, it was critically important to me to communicate what this very specific landscape not only looks like but how it feels, sounds, tastes, smells. The wind, the cold, the…