Description: Melbourne Films is a video production service where clients pay to have their event filmed, edited, and presented on DVD or hard-drive. Details of a wedding/event: It is the responsibility of the client to provide the correct information for their wedding/event. Should any information such as location, time of a wedding/event, it is the responsibility of the client to notify Melbourne Films immediately by phoning 0404336767 or emailing

The video operator assigned to your wedding/event is a first in, first served basis. If you are the first to book (includes payment of deposit) on a particular day, you will have full commitment by Anthon Ikram Umit as your videographer. Anthon Ikram Umit will organise a professional videographer of equal standard if he is already booked for that day. If for any reason Anthon Ikram Umit is sick, or is not fit to do the filming, another videographer of equal standard will be assigned to film your wedding/event. lf securing a videographer is not possible, or if the client declines such substitution, the client will receive a full refund of retainer. We are filming a live event and Melbourne Films will do the best to capture all the events that occur on the day, however due to it being a live event, we cannot guarantee any one particular moment to be captured or recorded.

Melbourne Films will take utmost care to produce a video of the highest quality, but will not be held responsible for acts of God and/or circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to power failure, equipment malfunction, defective tape stock (including media cards), and/or client misuse of equipment. We will not be made responsible for loss of footage or lack of footage recorded at the time. Under any and all circumstances, which prohibit production of video, the total liability of Melbourne Films is limited to the refund of the retainer and any monies paid toward final cost of video.

Melbourne Films will abide by all rules of the facility and/or directions of staff (if applicable) and/or facility coordinator(s) in regard to camera set-up and will not be held responsible for absence of certain shots due to such rules and/or directions, or due to interference by wedding/event guests or vendors, including the photographer. The client must acknowledge that videography requires reasonable lighting and that production may be compromised due to low or poor light levels. In certain low light situations, Melbourne Films may suggest use of a professional camera-mounted light as approved by the client.

Melbourne Films will not video record any wedding/event in the rain or other inclement weather as this would damage Melbourne Films equipment. If weather conditions prohibit videotaping of the wedding/event either in part or in whole and arrangements have not been made to move wedding/event indoors, retainer and moneys paid are non-refundable.

Travel and Parking: Unless an alternative agreement has been arranged, we allow up to 40 km of travel to the start destination form the CBD. The video-operator has the right to park anywhere within reason, to ensure there are no delays in getting to the venue in time. Meals: It is a requirement that each Melbourne Films operator receives a meal if attending the reception.

Our videos will be edited close to a style that you see in one of our online samples or close to the style which you listed in the special request form. Minor editing changes to your video are allowed, however charges at $70 per hour may apply depending on the circumstance. Melbourne Films will generally not include anything in the video that is considered bad taste to most people. Charges will apply generally to things that are of personal opinion or taste such as: change of music, natural audio, transitions, editing out people or scenery.

During the time of booking your wedding/event, you are given the choice of choosing either music from our selections supplying music by title and artist of your own choice. If we do not receive any selections before the wedding/event, Melbourne Films will choose the music accordingly. Charges of $200 will apply for ANY music changes.

Any video or audio material recorded by Melbourne Films is subject to copyright. Re-production of any material produced by Melbourne Films is not allowed unless you have been given our consent. Any material recorded or edited by Melbourne Films can at anytime be displayed on the Melbourne Films website or for viewing as sample work, promotional, marketing and/or advertising purpose unless otherwise specified by the client. It is the sole responsibility of the client to secure permission of the venue (examples include, but are not limited to, churches, synagogues, concert halls, courtrooms, etc) to setup video equipment and record video with or without flash. Retainer and moneys paid are non-refundable if facility prohibits Melbourne Films ability to record video.

The deposit required: Your wedding date is not reserved until this deposit has been received. Once payment has been received, a confirmation of details outlining the purchase and details of the event will be emailed to your nominated email address. It is the responsibility of the client to check that these details are correct. If there are any corrections or changes the client must notify Melbourne Films immediately by phoning 0404336767 or emailing Payment in FULL is required on the day or night of the wedding or event. Melbourne Films reserves the right to cancel any booking if this payment is not received. Melbourne Films respects the rights and privacy of personal details provided to us.

Once a deposit payment has been received a non-refundable booking fee applies. Any cancellations made with two weeks before an event will be immediately refunded, minus a $1000 deposit. Changes to the date of an event are subject to a $300 re-booking fee. Once the event has been video recorded, NO refunds apply.

All final products are completed and express-posted to your nominated delivery address within four to twelve weeks of the shoot date. Melbourne Films retains rights to all raw footage videotaped. Because each video project is different in nature, Melbourne Films cannot guarantee the specific length of a video.

Melbourne Films will not be responsible storing any of records after you received your final product unless customer agrees to pay $200 yearly storage fee.

Melbourne Films is the exclusive videographer retained by the client to cover the wedding/event. Any conflicts with other photographic and/or video coverage contracts and any notifications necessary to avoid such conflicts are the sole responsibility of the client.