Turkish Wedding Videos

Turkish Wedding Videos
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Turkish wedding videographer and Photographer Melbourne, Sydney and World Wide The Melbourne Films team know how amazing the ambiance at a Turkish Wedding can be! We adore capturing the vibrant and colorful traditions that are filled with love and emotion. Our Turkish wedding Videographers are specially trained to film Turkish weddings. We know that it is important to understand culture and traditions so that we can provide you with our best work possible. Our Videographers are trained to effectively capture Davul/ Zurna, Kiz alma, Kemer baglama, Taki and Halay. We have over 10 years’ experience filming Turkish weddings and our videographers have filmed over 400 Turkish weddings to date! We have experience filming Turkish weddings in many cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Istanbul, and Germany.

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Anthon Ikram Umit

Please contact the Melbourne Films team for further information on booking a Turkish videographer for your wedding.